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  • October LDP Webinar: "Avoiding 'Gut Feel' and other Institutional Biases"

October LDP Webinar: "Avoiding 'Gut Feel' and other Institutional Biases"

  • 25 Oct 2018
  • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
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How much of your interview process is based on “gut feel” and pre-existing biases – even though you have a well-thought out selection framework?  How often do your interviewers (particularly executives) ignore your competency-based selection framework during an interview and just have a “conversation” with an applicant? How many hires have you made who were a good fit for a job, or a particular manager, rather than a fit for your program?

Selection bias can derail your program’s strategic value, and cause you to miss great talent. How can you minimize it? Join Katy Campbell and Kim Gaber of DDI for a practical talk on eliminating institutional bias in your selection process. Learn about how your systematic, data-driven approach can be sold to your interviewers so that they support your program’s mission - and not just their short-term need for an employee. 

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