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Program Summary Report - A searchable directory of over 1000 early career rotational programs across all functions and types - Professional or Enterprise members only

2020 LDP Survey WhitepaperConfidence, Performance and Retention: An Analysis of Practices that Drive the Success of Early-Career Talent Pipeline Programs - Professional or Enterprise members only

Program Scorecard Metric Calculation Guidesheet:  Derived during the LDP Connect Enterprise Council Winter 2020 Meeting on metrics and measurement - Professional or Enterprise members only


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COVID-19 Implication Management

COVID-19 Peer Circle Call Poll Data - A summary of poll data collected on March 20th on intentions and plans for Summer 2020


Recruiting Outside of Your Company's Brand - Citigroup (LDP Summit® PPT)

Boosting Diversity for Your Early Career Development Program - Whirlpool (LDP Summit® PPT)

Recruiting in the Gig Economy - Cigna (LDP Summit® PPT)

Does Intern Automatically Equal LDP Candidate? - GSK (LDP Summit® PPT)

Using Social Media to Recruit Early Career Talent - JNJ (LDP Summit® PPT)

Avoiding "Gut Feel" in Sourcing for your LDP - DDI (LDP Webinar Recording) - Professional or Enterprise members only


How Early Career Fits into the Future of Work - DDI (LDP Summit PPT)

Trends in Early Career Pipeline Program Management - LDP Connect (LDP Summit® PPT)

Balancing Inclusive and Exclusive in an LDP - The Hartford (LDP Summit® PPT)

Building an Early Career Center of Excellence - Eaton (LDP Summit® PPT)

Demonstrating the Value of Early Career Pipeline Programs - Cardinal Health (LDP Summit® PPT)

Merging Development Programs - Thermo Fisher (LDP Summit® PPT)

When is it Time to Start a New Program? - Cardinal Health (LDP Summit® PPT)

Managing Development Program Accountability - Matt Lebeck (LDP Summit® PPT)

Creating a Program Advisory Board - Sanofi (LDP Summit® PPT)

Program Management


Off-boarding to Preserve Your Investment - Maureen Crawford (LDP Workshop PPT)

Limits in Accommodating High Performers - BASF (LDP Summit® PPT)

Guarantees vs. Opportunities: Preparing for the Off-Boarding Process - Cardinal Health (LDP Workshop PPT)

Early Talent Program Alumni Engagement - JNJ (LDP Summit® PPT)

Professional Development

An LDP Manager's Professional Journey - Wronski (LDP Summit® PPT)



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